Happy Tails West

Cherry Valley, CA

The Critters

Buddie Arlo and Chicken

Buddie Cathy and Bruce Buddie and Maggie 

 Bruce Cathy, and Gracie Tip E Toes Gracie

Cathy and Buddie BJ Gracie and Penelope


The Barns

Main BarnCathy and Hay BarnHay and Tractor Barns

Main BarnTractor barn and WorkshopHay barn and old packing shed

Old Peach Packing Shed Beginning conversion to Garden Shed Framing and Right side sheathing done. Left side sheathing and battens in place left side primed and waiting for windows right side battens in place Too hot to work anymore! Window installed and trimmedWindows installed and front framed for 6'x7' roll-up door Windows installed and front framed for 6'x7' roll-up door Windows installed and door casing being installed... 6'x7' roll-up door installed.. Proud owner of a new 6'x7' roll-up door All trim and battens installed on left side... All trim and battens installed on right side... All buttoned up for the night... All trim and battens installed on the back... Another view of the back side... Installing the cedar shake siding... Cedar shakes done in front and mitered corners... siding started on the left... siding completed on the left... siding started on the right... siding finished on the right...

        - Tack Room
Mildewed ceiling and insulation removed Bathroom walls stripped to the studs New drywall installed on ceiling  Itchy insullation!Bathroom drywalled again New paint, fixtures and bathroom exterior paneling Bathroom exterior covered with T1-11



The House

Front/Rear Elevations

Master Bedroom

Front Bedroom

Mildewed tub enclosure removed New plumbing and green board installed New enclosure installed
Old bathroom cabinet and sink Remove it all! plumbing relocated to corner New floor, cabinet and sink installed
Master Bath


Original livingroom w/new front door installed carpet removed, everything repainted Starting to move in...
Living Room

New Fencing

Chainlink fence added behind tractor barn

New mowing edges poured Overview of new fence fence fabric embedded into mowing edge

New cedar side yard fence Cathy & Gracie, working hard... Making sure they're vertical...

New southern pasture fence New pasture V-mesh fence New pasture chainlink in place

The Arena