From the early 1970's and through the late 1980's I played guitar with a gospel rock band that went by various titles:

In this last form, we wrote, produced and recorded our own original music before finally disbanding circa 1987.   Album tracks were recorded at the Evan Williams/United Sound Studio in Santa Ana, CA and engineered by Greg Yova.  All mp3 tracks were remastered from the original 2trk, 4trk, 8trk and 24trk audio tapes to new 1/4" 2trk then audio CD.  Here are some pics of my home studio:


If you would like to sample the music, simply select a title from the link windows below. 

All files are stored in the .MP3 format.

You Gotta Live!

Stratus' first album 

Rain Down the Fire

Stratus' unfinished second album 

Vintage Years

A compilation of early works that didn't make the albums. 

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